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How Much Is Back & Neck Pain Really Costing You?

Over 80% of people struggle with back pain at some point in life...and when it hits you, the costs are much more than just money out of your wallet.

  • Physical pain & discomfort

  • Interruptions to daily life

  • Missing out on things you love

  • Wasted time visiting doctors

  • Paying copays & deductibles

  • Drugs & surgery

With the crazy & seemingly miraculous things that modern medicine does...many feel that back & neck pain should be a thing of the past. However, the problem is actually getting bigger and affecting more people than ever before.

Get Back(ology) To Living A Normal, Pain-Free Life...By Addressing The Real Root-Cause Of Your Back & Neck Pain

Specialized Training Machines

Train & rebuild the deep lumbar muscles that surround your neck and spine. These are important little muscles that you can't train in any other way or with any other machines.

Stupidly Simple Yet Scientific

Each of your training sessions is only two minutes on our specialized training machines. No gym clothes are required - you'll wear only regular street clothes and rarely (if ever) break a sweat.

Better Back Guarantee

Complete our full Strength Training Program over a nine week period...and if you do not improve your back strength and feel any better, we'll reimburse your training investment.

Our Backology Training Sessions Are Only 2 Minutes Each...And It's Super Easy To Get Started!



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Permanently Fixing Your Back & Neck Pain Can Be Exhausting & Extremely Frustrating. So What Do You Do?

At Backology, we know how much of a struggle it is to enjoy life when you are experiencing back and neck pain... zaps you of energy and of any desire to do to do the things that you love most.

Whether you're suffering is new or years of chronic, frustrating "come and go" pains...

...we believe that it's time for you to address the root cause of your back and neck pain once and for all.

We also know that you have many treatment options ranging from chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy... taking drugs (painkillers, steroids, etc) and even surgery.

However, none of these options address the "source" of your back or neck pain.

This is what separates Backology muscle training from everything else.

Instead of simply treating the symptoms or providing temporary relief, our special muscle-training machines target, rebuild and restore healthy fibers to the deep, inner-layer muscles that surround your spine & neck.

Would you like to learn more about the science behind what we do?

Register now and we'll tell you exactly how and why Backology muscle training works.

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